Saturday, August 20, 2011

That was It!

Friday we had our Biometrics appointment.  It took all of 10 minutes for the both us!  I was expecting a packed house, but really there was like no one there.  It really was not at all what I expected since we had to drive 2 hours to get there.  We had an exiting adventure being stuck in D.C. traffic most of the day though.  I kept asking Sean if he wanted me to drive to which I kept getting the same reply  "No, I'll drive. I value my life."  I will admit I do not do well in big city traffic.  My drivers ed teacher told me to avoid large cities and I have stuck to that as much as possible.

To make our trip more fun we ate at Olive Garden(YUM) and went to Ikea for some shopping.    I really wanted to purchase a bed for our soon-to-be child, unfortunately it was out of stock. This lead to a small whining spell and making Sean double check that it was really out of stock.  We did not leave empty handed.  Sean found two adorable stuffed dogs which we plan on being able to leave with child/ren on our first trip.  Here they are:

We also found this stuffed farm set that will fit wonderfully in our suitcase for our second trip:

 I did somehow miss the extra animal set that goes with it and they also had a garden set too.  Looks like another trip to Ikea is in the future!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Biometrics and strollers

We got our appointment for biometrics!!  I was really surprised to see the envelopes in the mail today and even more surprised to see the date for 2 weeks away. We were completely expecting the end of the month before we even got appointment dates.  This is just another sign of the power of prayer and that God is guiding this child to us and us to them.  I have been steadily praying for the rest of our paperwork process to go quickly and smoothly.  These little pieces of paper that showed up in my mailbox is a sure sign of that!  After so much stress and frustration with our home study it is such a relief for something to go without a major problem.

I am hoping that our I800A approval will come as quickly as the biometrics appointment.

I have been researching strollers and I have decided I want one of these two: 

A Maclaren 

Or a UPPAbaby

If anyone has any review for either of these please let me know!