Sunday, October 5, 2014

And then there was 4

We officially became a family of 4 on September 29th!!!  We have been in Warsaw almost 1 week and are anxiously awaiting finishing up the last few steps before we come home.    Once the appeal period is up we will be able to get our daughters passport and have the interview at the U.S. Embassy.  The Embassy will prepare the documents needed to for our daughter to enter the United States and be issued her citizenship.  We will collect those documents which come in a sealed envelope.  This envelope can not be opened until we go through passport control at the airport when we arrive home in The States.  At that point the envelope that we guard with our lives will be given to a special officer at passport control in the airport. Then we are done!  The adoption is official and we are home!

So, what are we doing this time around?  We are enjoying the warm weather.  We were here in the dead of winter for our son's adoption.  We are able to go to the parks and enjoying just walking around.  We do get few looks for pushing the kids around in our Sit and Stand Stroller.  But we don't care! 

We are learning everyday more and more about our daughter.  She likes the color purple, she is shy, she can be a tomboy, she likes to boss her big brother(earning her the nickname:  The Queen), and she is a good eater.  Our son was and still can be a terrible eater.  Little man is picky and when first adopted him he would hardly eat anything (especially veggies).  We would put in ketchup on everything to get him to eat it and then slowly weened him off of having ketchup with every meal.  Little sister will try new foods and has a good appetite.  I am always amazed at how children can learn a language. Little sister is using more and more English everyday.

We are counting down the days till we can fly home.