Friday, August 30, 2013


My little boy is growing up too fast!!! He started kindergarten this week and I was so excited for him until the moment he got in the car with his TaTa to drive off to school.  I was anxious all day at work to know how his day went and couldn't wait to get home.  He had good first week and is excited each day to go.  I have to brag on him because his teacher is amazed at how well his language skills are.  She can't believe he has only been speaking English for 8 months. 

In other news...We did finally move into our new house(YAY!!).  It is so so nice having more space, especially for toys!  We also had our last home study visit for Adoption #2.  This process is moving right along.  We so bad want our new little one home with us and the closer it gets to getting them home the more we feel it.  It is a little sad to walk past their room that is all ready for them and not see a smiling little face looking back at you.

We are winding down the summer with a few more weekend trips to the lake before the cold weather hits.  But we are looking forward to the Fall and our Annual Halloween Camping Trip