Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yes We Are Still Waiting

We have been getting lots of questions wondering why we still don't have travel dates yet.  We really don't understand why but court is basically dragging their feet from what we can tell.  We had hoped to have traveled this month but that is not going to happen.  We are praying that November will be bring travel dates.  I can not put into words how heart breaking this waiting has become.  We try to go about our daily lives as normal however there are constantly moments that I wish our child more than anything was here.  

I am so worried that we will not be with our child for Christmas.  It has been 6 months since we held our little one in our arms! Our families love this child and want to meet them so bad and we want to be reunited with our child.  I feel like they are growing up without us.  They have already spent enough time away from their family, it is time for them to be with us FOREVER!  

Most days I feel like an emotional wreck.  There are times that it is all I can do to keep these emotions in check.  I am so thankful for our wonderful family, friends, and co-workers who support us and help to keep us somewhat sane during this waiting.  

Please continue to pray for us and please pray that we will be reunited with our child ASAP!