Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few Crazy Weeks

Our world has been kinda crazy for a few weeks.  We sold our house and bought a new one.  This should have gone fairly simply(well as simple as home buying goes) right?  Move out of old house, move into new house, TA-DA everyone lives happily ever after.  Yeah Right!  We moved out of our old house(I moved out the old house because dear hubby was out of town...how did he manage that?), then moved in with my parents because we couldn't close on our new house for 3 weeks.  Well we are still at my parents!  Our new house needs some TLC and decided to just get it all done before me move.  So our short 3 week stay has now turned into a 5 week stay and counting.  BUT...the end is in sight!  We should be in our house in 2 weeks!!!!!!!

In other news we have been doing paper work for our home study and dossier for little siblings adoption.  I am amazed at how much simpler and less stressful it seems this time around. 

Little man has been enjoying his summer even in all this craziness!  He rode his first roller coaster and loved it, and has been swimming every chance he gets.   We starting to get ready for kindergarten(I am really not ready for my baby to go to "big school")

I can not believe summer is almost over and the cold weather will be coming. I want more summer!!!!!