Monday, January 31, 2011

Parenting Classes Completed

We have both completed our parenting classes!! We both had to complete 10 hours of parenting classes that covered a variety of subjects.  I have to admitted some the information was redundant but there was good information on that to expect behavior wise from a child that has been in an orphanage.  I am really just wanting to be done with the paper chase and move on to the next step in the process.  It seemed like things were moving so quickly and now it feels like molasses in winter.  I really wish I knew of a way to make this entire process go faster.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

So...not much as been going with the adoption lately.  At this point we have gathered up as much paper work as we can and are waiting for the rest to be mailed to us. We still have 2 more home study visits too.  It has been really frustrating waiting.  I want everything to happen RIGHT NOW! But that's not how it goes.  We have been busy with other stuff in general.  This weekend alone Sean has gotten kidney stones and bought his new to us project car. Its a '95 Honda and is in pretty good shape for its age and for being stored outside. 

The hope is that Sean will be able to drive this car to work and not have to use the truck so much.  We...well..mostly I have been working on de-cluttering the house.  I still am not sure how 2 people can have so much stuff!  The plan is to have a yard sale in the spring to get rid of some of it.  And whatever doesn't sell is going to be donated to the Good Will.  

I have also been doing some research to learn more about Poland's history for our child's Lifebook.  I am already thinking about how to incorporate Polish traditions into our family traditions.  We are looking forward to our trips to Poland. The pictures are beautiful and the country has a very rich culture.  I can hardly stand it I just want to go now!

Again I just want to thank everyone for all the prays and words of encouragement!