Saturday, March 8, 2014


Yesterday our little man got glasses!  He is so stinkin' cute!!!  Little Man is very excited about his "cool" glasses. 

When the optometrist said he needed glasses last week I said a silent prayer that he would like this idea. Thank heavens our optometrist is amazing with kids(and grown ups).  Because telling a 5 year old that he needs glasses always sounds better when it is done with a Donald Duck voice!  So while finished up with my appointment(yep this mama has worn contacts/glasses for years) one of my dear friends helped Little Man pick out his first pair of glasses.  Then we had wait a week for them to come in.  Oh boy, has this past week been hard!  Little Man has asked every morning and evening if his glasses are coming today or did they come today.  Then when told no that said little face looked up and said " I know a few more days".  I hate to see my little one disappointed.  But, yesterday when he was picked up from school by Mama and Grandpa to go get a "surprise" it was so, so worth the look on his face.  His eyes lit up and the huge smile on his face melted my heart. 

I am overjoyed at his excitement.  When I was told I had to get glasses I was one sad teenager.  A teenager!  Way older than my son and I didn't handle the news of glasses with half of his optimism.  I knew it would help my vision(actually I knew that I couldn't see worth a hoot)  and allow me to drive.  I had put off getting glasses as long as I could.  My mom, dad, sister, both aunts, and both sets of grandparents all wear glasses so it only a matter of time before I had to breakdown and accept that I would wear glasses.

 I hope that he continues to be excited about his glasses.  I hope that as he grows he will face any new challenge or change with the same excitement as he has with getting glasses.

In other news we are still waiting to hear more on dossier.  It is in Poland now we continue to wait for the next set of instructions to get our Princess home.