Timeline of Our First Adoption

Nov. 17 2010-Adoption Application Mailed to St. Mary's

Nov. 22 2010-received approval from adoption agency

Dec. 8 2010-Starting the Paper Chase

Dec. 29 2010-First Home Study Visit

Jan. 29 2011-Parenting Classes Completed

Feb. 16 2011-Second Home Study Visit

April 6 2011-Last Home Study Visit

July 13 2011-Home Study Approved By Adoption Agency

July 18 2011-I800A Mailed Off For Approval

July 22 2011-USCIS Notice That I800A Was Received

August 19 2011-USCIS Biometrics Appointment

Sept. 20 2011-Found out I800A was approved

Sept. 23 2011- Received official document for I800A Approval

Oct. 5 2011-Dossier is complete

Oct. 16 2011-Dossier is in Poland

Jan. 12 2012-Recieved Referral

April 4 2012-Got First Travel Dates

April 21-27 2012-First Trip To Poland

June 21 2012-Recieved Paperwork for I800

June 23 2012-Submitted I800 to USCIS

July-September-Waiting for Second Travel Dates

Sept. 26 2012- USCIS Fingerprint Update

Sept.-December-Waiting for Second Travel Dates

Dec. 17 2012-Got Second Travel Dates!

Dec. 22 2012-Left for Poland on our 2nd trip!

Dec. 23 2012-Arrived in Poland

Dec. 26-Jan. 15 - Bonding Period

Jan. 16 - Court Hearing Officially a Family!

Feb. 16 - HOME!!!!

From Date We submitted Adoption Application to We came Home: 823 Days

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