Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sometimes You Can't Help It

We are all done with Home Study visits...YAY!  We are now waiting for the home study to be finished up.  I want to have all this paperwork done so badly.  The home study is a big chunk of it but now we have to fill out an I800A(Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country) and have to get our dossier to Poland.

I have been reading a book about toddler adoption and a section of that book mentions how adoptive mothers can feel left out of the so called "mommy club".  It is so true and nice to know that your not the only mom-to-be who has felt that way.  Any mother wants to start buying things for their little one right from the get go but when you are waiting for a referral you can't really buy to many things.  You don't know what size clothes they will need and for us if we are getting a boy or girl(or maybe 2).  However, a couple of weeks ago I bought two diaper bags. I couldn't help myself I had to buy something.  I have been waiting semi-patiently for my bags to get here.  So here they are:

 The small bag
 Large Bag
I love these bags! I can not wait to have them full of sippy cups, toys, and extra clothes!  I have been buying children books but its something about buying things like diaper bags and hopefully soon clothes that makes it seem like this really happening.  It reassures you that you will have your child in your arms one day.