Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dossier is done!

Our dossier for adoption #2 is on its way to our agency!  Our agency will review it and if everything is a-OK with the dossier it is sent on to Poland. 

If you are new to the process of international adoption let me explain more about what a dossier is and why this so important. 

1)  A dossier, in abbreviated terms, is a compilation of documents(home study, birth certificates, employment verification, etc.) that will tell the appropriate people in Poland who we are.

2) Once all the documents(2 of each document) are gathered together and notarized the Secretary of State must apostille them.  Apostille (not Matthew, Luke, John) is basically a fancy French word for certification.  It lets Poland know where the documents were issued and that they are authentic.

3)  This is big step in the journey of international adoption.  Once the dossier is in Poland and translated it means that you are waiting to be matched with child.  In our case however, this means that we are waiting for Poland to send us paperwork back to file an I-800 so we can that approval back to them so we can go get our Little Princess.