Friday, May 25, 2012

Starting to feel real!

We are still waiting the paperwork from Poland that we need for our I800.  But we are pro's at this waiting game now.  However last night it really started to feel real. My child is coming in home soon!  My mother-in-law ordered a car seat for us and it came in the mail last night! It so cute and best of all matches the black and white interior of my car! 

We often think of the other families that are waiting for referrals, and trips to meet/get their children. Keep hope that one day you will have your child/ren in your arms and enjoy the simple pleasures(like car seats) of preparing for these long awaited children. 

Please continue to pray for our little family and that we will be reunited with our child soon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home With Heavy Hearts

We are home from our first trip!  Simple said...It was AMAZING!  Poland is a beautiful country and the people are soooo nice.  It was extremely hard to leave our child but we know that we will return to be reunited forever.  I never knew how easy it would be to fall in love!  I loved this child from the moment I saw the picture but it was nothing like seeing them in person.  Our hearts melted instantly!  We have been truly blessed.  Please continue to pray for our little family.