Monday, June 3, 2013

Diving into Paperwork and Fundraising

We are diving back into the mounds of paperwork that is needed for international adoption.  This time around it all seem so much simpler and less overwhelming partly because we know what we are doing this time. 

In the previous post I lamented on how we would pay for this adoption.  We have already been so blessed by donations from so so so many generous people.  However we still are far from having this funds needed to complete this adoption.  We are having several fundraisers to help come up with these funds:

1. Puzzle Fundraiser-you can purchase a piece of our puzzle for $10 using the donate link to the right.  Your name will be put on the puzzle piece(s) and the completed puzzle with hang in our home as a reminder of the love people have shown us. If you are interested in this fundraiser just click on the Paypal donate link to the right of your screen and donate $10 for each puzzle piece and include the name you want of the puzzle piece.
2. Join our ThredUp Group-join the ThredUp Group to the left of the screen and donate like new children's clothes to our fundraiser.  You can order a shipping bag through the group, fill it with like-new children's clothes, send it back to ThredUp where it is processed and you are paid for the clothing, then log-in to your ThredUp Account and click on the contribute to groups button and specify the amount you want to donate to our fundraiser.
3. Order through Amazon-as you can see there are several links to Amazon on the blog now.  When you make a purchase when you have gone through one of these links we earn a money.

Again thank you to everyone who is supporting us in growing our family.